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Hearty welcome from Mansions which has a 27-year old legacy in the Kerala real estate arena.

Mansions was founded by two Civil Engineers V S Jayachandran and R Rajesh who were batch-mates at the prestigious College of Engineering, Trivandrum. When they graduated more than a quarter of a century ago, they dreamt of nurturing a company which would be a nice place for professionals to work and customers to cherish.

Today, we have organically grown to a respectable position on the strength of the goodwill of delighted customers owning Mansions apartments, villas and custom-built homes. We are recognized by customers and partners for our professional management approach, based on principles of Product-Reliability, Customer-Alignment and Corporate Credibility. Our motto is to create “a wonderful world” for our customers.

Silently, but steadily, Mansions has designed and developed more than 13 lakh sq.ft. of apartments, villas and customised homes. We have also provided Contracting Services for constructing offices/facilities for government & private institutions– such as State Bank of India, NRHM, NUALS, MILMA, Indian Institute of Diabetes, Niraamaya resorts…to name a few.

We have not adopted the usual reckless path of expansion at any cost; instead placed a premium on probity, transparency and trust while dealing with the most expensive and sacred experience for a normal family—buying a home.

Shri. V.S.Jayachandran

Shri. R. Rajesh