New Year Homebuying: The Mansions Way

It won’t be long when 2018 will give way to 2019. And especially when you are planning a new home, months pass away in a jiffy. Conventionally, when a builder refers to a house, the reference is mostly to high-rise apartments and gated communities—and the occasional villa projects.

Mansions, which is celebrating 30 years, offers a multi-tier solution package to meet your homebuying needs– some of which are not quite conventional.

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Have Land? Explore Opportunities as a JV Partner!

Ganesh was a busy businessman running a successful firm. He was so engrossed in his business that he never had time to reflect on a vacant piece of ancestral land which was lying virtually as a dead asset. He did realize that the property was in a prime area in Sreevaraham,Trivandrum—but he was a bit helpless in exploiting the asset to his advantage.

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The Joys of Low-Rise Living

When Shibu, an IT professional, got a 3-year posting in Silicon Valley, it was a dream come true for him and his wife. But it was dismal news for his aged parents who were in their seventies.  All the four of them till now were living in a sprawling rented bungalow in Trivandrum. The two-storey house had four doors opening out into the porch & a terrace-garden, as well as a large main gate. It was situated in a posh colony, where houses were far apart.
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Customised Homes: A Home on Our Land

Paul Thomas who had spent two decades abroad, staying in apartments, was aspiring to build an independent home on his own land back in Trivandrum…and not settle down in a standardized skyscraper residential block.

Gopalakrishnan and his wife, having stayed in government quarters, and now a few years away from retirement, wanted their own dreams and designs to be translated into a wonderful home in Trivandrum for their family.
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Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge

’Yeh dosti, hum nahin todenge
Todenge dum magar, tera saath na chhodenge
Meri jeet teri jeet, teri haar meri haar
Sun aye mere yaar
Tera gham mera gham, meri jaan teri jaan
Aisa apna pyaar…’’
‘’We will never break this friendship 
We may give up breathing, but will not leave each other’s company 
My victory is your victory, your defeat is my defeat 
Listen to me my friend 
Your sorrow is my sorrow, my life is your life 
Such is our camaraderie…’’
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