Decor ideas for a beautiful (rented) home

Four walls and beams, that makes a house. But a home is built with loads of love and lots of dreams. A home can be owned or rented, it is just where we live and have put our hearts in to make a place happy and liveable. Mansions Wonderette, our interior design wing, has some expert advice:
With rental apartments, a rental agreement detailing what we can and should not do to the place is created. Most owners usually object to unnecessary drilling, repainting according to the renter’s wishes and sticking things onto the walls. But that should not let one avoid getting creative and turn the house into a home. Chart out a budget because here’s a list of things among million others that you can do to spruce up your home and not get into trouble with the owner.

1) Arrange attractive furniture
It goes without saying that furniture is a necessity in every household these days. A one-time investment or you can rent it out on a monthly basis, the ethnic-feel of a grandpa’s chair or the elegant feel of a contemporary mirror table will do wonders to make your place stylish.

2) Beautify windows with curtains
Curtains play a crucial role in changing the look of your rooms. They can make a room look larger, add a pop of colour and diffuse natural light, depending on the type you choose and how you hang them. Psychology says, more colourful your bedroom accessories are, happier and livelier you will be.

3) Plants bring life to rooms
Plants are a great way to make your apartment look green and refreshing. They make the air clean, especially if the house is in the midst of a polluted city. Buy indoor plants along with stylish and variety looking pots and voila! The home has a colourful indoor garden now.

4) Hang those memories
Not allowed to drill a hole? Never mind! Who likes the drilling noise anyway! All you need to do is get some adhesive hooks (there are various types depending on the amount of weight they can bear). A favourite painting in the hall room, a memorable vacation family pic in the bedroom and a colourful drawing done by your kid in the guest room is enough to light up good vibes around.

5) Throw cushions
Throw cushions add both colour and comfort to your living space even without buying any new furniture. One can even make throw cushions using the material left over from curtains.

6) Book cases work like a charm
Installing shelves in a rented apartment can be tricky, they usually require you to drill holes. Instead, why not come up with some creative ideas such as a book case that covers the entire wall? Furniture like this is not only feasible, but can also be filled with art, books and crafts.

These are just a few of the million ways you can give your home the grand look without spending a bomb. At Mansions, we always focus on customer satisfaction in all homebuying-related matters be it location, construction, budget, amenities, interiors, documentation, procedures and relationships. In Trivandrum, Mansions Wonderette, aims to give its customers a serene, warm atmosphere to live in with its 2BHK/3BHK apartments by Mansions.

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Now is the time to enjoy Govt. Incentives and own a home

“Mansions guarantees you an ‘all encompassing’ package – be it the locale, accessibility to educational institutions, hospitals, recreation centres, public transport or other necessary amenities”.
We are nearing the fag end of the financial year – a year that had nothing much to offer in terms of business. As we step into the next quarter, how about investing in a Price-sensitive home in Trivandrum – a city that is growing rapidly every day and elevating its image from a once-upon-a-time sleepy city to one offering a variety of choices for all age groups alike on a platter. The Union budget 2021 has given a boost to the real estate and housing sector. It has extended the provision for the additional deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakh on the interest paid on home loans till March 31, 2022.
A newcomer to the city will find ample choices for a home for rent in Trivandrum. Once you have established a strong relationship with the place and considered a long-term investment though, it is always wiser to own an independent affordable home or an apartment in Trivandrum.
An extension of this tax holiday as per the budget, will have more buyers teeming to find the best among the lot among the list of builders in Trivandrum. Many people, especially middle-class families prefer Price-sensitive home in Trivandrum, owing to the financial depreciation that grappled the world.
Apart from the construction, there are a lot of other factors that add to the atmosphere that makes a house a ‘home’. Mansions guarantees you an ‘all encompassing’ package – be it the locale, accessibility to educational institutions, hospitals, recreation centres, public transport or other necessary amenities.
Many offices, especially in the IT sector have still not started full-fledged functioning. They have extended the work-from-home (WFH) option for safety’s sake. This has increased the requirement from the customer’s side for more occupant-friendly houses where there is ample privacy for delivering their official commitments albeit with a lesser price tag. This is a point where people start to search for independent houses for sale in Trivandrum. While searching for the list of builders providing affordable homes for sale in Trivandrum, it is also important not to compromise on its quality, which is what Mansions offers.
You will also find houses for sale in Trivandrum by owners, but credibility of the same needs to be verified before making a purchase, to verify whether the dealings are transparent.
A lot of investors and industrialists have chosen the capital city as their expansion ground and that accounts for employment opportunities for the youth, who are yet to start families of their own. That is where people search for studio apartments for sale in Trivandrum, which is more affordable and easier to maintain for single-dwellers. These apartments are also rented out. If you are a two-member family, both employed, then studio apartments will suit your requirements unless guests visit on a frequent basis, as there will be lack of privacy then. It will be more economical than a 1BHK house.
With the extension of tax relaxation proposed in the Union budget, this financial year is the ideal time to plan and execute your life-time investment of owning a house in the capital city. A Price sensitive house in Trivandrum with high-quality is something Mansions, that has a legacy of trust for more than 30 years in the building sector, takes pride in.

The Rented House Hunt

The demand for houses on rent never stops. A quick search online always makes the task easier. Over the years, several websites have come up with listings from Kerala that can help those on the search when typing ‘rentals near me’. Data accuracy is what sets each portal apart so finding the site that works for you is important. One BHKs, 2 or 3 BHKs, houses, studio apartments, the list is endless when one begins to scour the internet in search of that dream house – even if it is a rental. ‘Rentals near me’, ‘rental houses near me’, ‘rental apartments near me’, ‘houses for rent near me’, ‘ flats for rent near me’ are all phrases used by people to scan the internet. 

Rental websites will have a range of tools and services that visitors to the sites can browse through to find what they are looking for. Long-term and short-term renting options are now available to suit the needs of all segments.
Established in 2005, 99 acres is a popular name in the buy/sell/rent categories. Over the years it has won many awards and recognition. Browsers can put up an advertisement, search, build their own property microsite, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the realty sector. 
A platform that allows any homeowners to let out his/her/their apartments or houses for short stays is a hit among takers. Vacationers are regulars on the website as it meets their need for accommodation when in a new place and also allows them to experience the culture and lifestyle of their host country in an authentic way. This has also become a source of income generation for many homeowners.
Magic Bricks has a whole host of categories meant to educate the visitors to their site. They also have a Rental Assistance tab where one can find a rental near the workplace, find an agent, ask a question, set an alert or browse according to locality.
Buying, selling, exchanging or renting, OLX is a household name. A trading platform, it is very popular among people.
Founded in 2008, the classifieds platform has listings for every category in over 1000 cities.
Now here’s a brand with its roots right in Kerala. Based out of Thrissur, the real estate website has an exhaustive number of listings for sale and rent.
For those who are specifically searching for rentals that are in the luxury segment, offers just that. 

Check-list for moving into a House on Rent

A new house is a new chapter in life. Be it shifting to another city, renting to cut short commuting time, to set up a solo nest or join a partner, a house on rent cannot happen minus the homework from your end. Mansions is making the task easier with a checklist for you on things to keep in mind when looking for a house on rent:

1. What is your budget?

The answer to this question can make or break your life. Find out about rent, maintenance, security deposit, and how often they have to be paid. Once you see a house you like and decide to stretch yourself too thin it may lead to scrimping elsewhere which could have bigger implications. So unless you are absolutely sure of where the money is going to come from, don’t give in. Have faith and keep looking.

2. Make a mental list of your priorities

This is the most important part of the search. It helps save time and energy spent seeing house after house which needn’t result in anything productive. What is your lifestyle like? Do you like to walk to a mom-and-pop to buy milk every morning or do you buy it on the way back? Does your landlord have a problem with pets or are they allowed? Do you want your workplace, gym or children’s school close by? Do you like your rooms flooded with natural light and air? Do you want balconies to sit in or hang your laundry in? Can you prioritise if you like a house that much?

3. Assess the neighbourhood

In an increasingly cloistered world, the least we can do is know who our neighbours are. Ask around, knock on a few doors and find out who they are. Also drive around the area to know. Make a visit at night too. It also doesn’t hurt to ask what the rent is for houses in the neighbourhood.

4. Check the water pressure

Run the tap and check the pressure using your hand. If the pressure is too low, it is a valid point to raise with the landlord before you move in. You might also want a geyser installed if it isn’t in place already.

5. WiFi & cell phone reception

Check if WiFi is available or a router will need to be installed. Phone reception is an absolute must in the times we live in. Do remember to check this very important point.

6. Plug in

As you walk around the house, switch on all the lights and fans to ensure they work. Also plug in an electrical equipment that you brought along to see if all of them are in working condition.

7. Photograph damages around the house, if any

Inspect every nook and corner of the house. This is so that you are sure of what you are getting. Take photographs of every scratch, hole, stain, broken material if any so that the renter does not hold you responsible when it is time to refund your caution deposit.

8. Enquire about amenities and association rules

Most houses on rent have many tempting amenities listed but not all need be functional. So ask and make sure what you can or cannot accommodate. The same applies to the rules that an association committee may have in place.

9. Pest check

Take your time to check the insides and tops of kitchen cabinets for faeces of rodents or pests. Walls with gaps in the corners are also a probability and you would want to have those closed before moving in.

10. What’s the vibe?

Most often, you can sense if a house is right for you the minute you step in. While a checklist of priorities is important, so is your gut feeling. How does this space make your body feel? Listen closely.

Go to Mansions, who have a 30-year track record of trust, quality and timely delivery of 22 home projects, which are owned by a fraternity of over 900 homeowners. It’s a legacy which will help you immensely in your quest for an ideal rental home.

Kowdiar, Trivandrum’s Coveted Luxury Apartment Locale

Mention Kowdiar and it is the residential palace of the royal family that comes to mind. Standing majestically amidst swathes of trees with the city having grown around it over the years, Kowdiar still remains a hub for many social activities. The ‘Raja patha’ or ‘Royal path’ begins from Kowdiar, leading all the way to East Fort where the royal family would arrive to offer their prayers at the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple.
Kowdiar is where the Raj Bhavan, the official residence of the governor is located. The upscale locality is also home to bureaucrats, celebrities, businessmen and other well-heeled personalities. It has attracted. Mansions has had the privilege of developing numerous Hi Rise and Lo Rise luxury apartment complexes in and around Kowdiar since 2005 with our most upscale project yet, Skyluxe Hi-Luxury Apartments located at Golf Links. Skyluxe is the celebration of 30 years of Mansions.
We also have our ‘Lo’ Rise’ luxury apartments Mansions Palm Hills in Peroorkada, 2km from Kowdiar for those who want the safety of a gated community but also prefer living closer to the ground. At just four floors and 20 apartments of 2 & 3 BHK options, amenities include a children’s play area, fitness centre, generator back-up, access control with proximity sensor card, rooftop party area and AC furnished guest suite.

Let’s look at what has made Kowdiar the ‘it’ place and a much-coveted address:

  • Centrally-located, Kowdiar has a well-maintained boulevard for morning and evening walkers. Dawn and dusk bring many people to Kowdiar Square. Over the years, various clubs have made it their meeting spot, be it for running, cycling or roller skating. Marathons always include the Kowdiar stretch for its level roads.
  • Broad, double-lane roads make the area a delight to drive in. The presence of cameras generally discourage speed driving.
  • Popular schools like Christ Nagar, Nirmala Bhavan, Kendriya Vidyalaya in a 5km radius.
  • SUT Royal Hospital, S.K. Hospital, Cosmopolitan Hospital, Government Medical College within 5-6km
  • Railway station within 5km and Trivandrum International Airport within 10km
  • Kowdiar Park for children
  • Napier Museum, Kanakakunnu Palace grounds, Thiruvananthapuram zoo
  • Trivandrum Club and Sri Moolam Club for social evenings
  • Udaya Convention Centre for events
  • Outlets like Narmada Shopping Complex for daily supplies and branded retail showrooms along Keston Road for shopping
  • An array of restaurants and cafes along Kuravankonam and Sasthamangalam
  • Trivandrum Golf Club and Trivandrum Tennis Club