“… Moving from a Bungalow to Bungalows in the Sky was Love at First ‘Site’ “, says Supriya

“Our ancestral property home in Kowdiar is next to the iconic Trivandrum Golf Course and very close to the Royal Palace, with a lot of scenic atmosphere around us. Thus it has a pristine evergreen environment plus all modern amenities at a stone’s throw away – a very rare thing to be seen in any city today.

Our family has been living in this independent traditional house for over half a century. We thus had a deep emotional attachment with this site.

Many construction firms had approached us for buying our property for developing an apartment complex, which we refused. But we had no two opinions when Mansions approached us with the proposal of transforming our site into an exclusive hi-luxury residence. We have known Mansions and their values for decades and have experienced a great working relationship because, earlier, they had developed another property belonging to our family.

Mansions suggested a Joint Venture concept of transforming our standalone bungalow site into 12 High Luxury Bungalows in the Sky called Skyluxe – with just one residence per floor.

Since we had great respect for their commitment and integrity to do justice, the idea of moving from our ancestral independent Bungalow to ‘Bungalows in the Sky’ was, sort of, love at first ‘Site’. And what’s more we get a lifetime of support, friendship and partnership with Mansions by our side, which is much more than what anybody can hope for in the real estate sector.”

Supriya Vedavati Kartha and Prema Nair