The most cherished assets of Mansions are the hundreds of wonderful families who own a Mansions apartment or villa or customised home--and who play a stellar role in recommending Mansions to their acquaintances. Given below is a compilation of select testimonials from Mansions homebuyers, over the decades.

Dr George Mathen

Consultant Opthalmologist, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, Lancaster, UK

We were looking for apartments in and around Kowdiar in Trivandrum, as we had been staying in this location for a long time. Having lived in an independent 4-bedroom house we wanted to move into a 4-bed apartment due to personal reasons. At the same time, we wanted to enjoy the feel of residing in a bungalow.  We had seen a couple of apartments in Kowdiar, but Mansions Skyluxe was the most appealing to us for a couple of reasons, the primary reason being Privacy. An open floor plan with spacious rooms with each of the bedrooms having attached bathrooms, a kitchen with a separate work area, a long private balcony and the concept of living in a "one-residence-per-floor" attracted us significantly. Privacy was the highlight for us as we didn't feel this level of privacy in any other apartment complex we had visited till then. And being a 4-BHK apartment, we felt it was perfect in terms of space for us as we could accommodate all our existing furniture and household effects. We felt that the whole Mansions team was very cooperative, starting with the management and down to the site team. The whole buying process was very fast and convenient for us. On the whole we are very satisfied.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2022: Mansions Skyluxe, Kowdiar, Trivandrum

Mr. S. Janardhanan

Former Consultant, ONGC, Chennai

A few years ago, we had approached Mansions for building a customised home at our propety in Kuravankonam, Trivandrum, but we dropped the idea. Sometime later, we saw a Mansions Ad about their Super-Luxury Project, Mansions Skyluxe, at Golf Links Road, Kowdiar in Trivandrum. During the same period, we were searching for a property in and around Kowdiar. The most appealing feature of Mansions Skyluxe was their "Only One Apartment Per Floor" concept, which was not seen elsewhere. It seemed to be an independent house/villa with absolute privacy guaranteed. Since we were then settled in another luxury apartment in Chennai, we had concerns whether Mansions Skyluxe which was being termed as 'Super-Premium Bungalows in the Sky' would meet the quality standards that we had got used to till now. But once the apartment was handed over to us, our joy knew no bounds. Our new home was amazing and we were very satisfied. More importantly, we were staying in Chennai and could not visit Kerala at different stages of construction, due to Covid and other reasons. We had also assigned the interiors to Mansions Wonderette. We were delighted with the constant and warm interactions of Mansions professionals who kept us updated on the progress; and executed each of our requirements just like an extended family member. Thus our Skyluxe apartment layout including interiors was designed exclusively for us. In contrast to many interior firms, Wonderette helped materialise what we visualised, rather than imposing their products. We have decided to move from Chennai and settle down in our beautiful Mansions Skyluxe home.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2021: Mansions Skyluxe, Kowdiar, Trivandrum

Ms. Supriya Vedavati Kartha & Ms. Prema Nair

JV Partners, Trivandrum

We have known Mansions and their values for decades and have experienced a great working relationship because, earlier, they had developed another property belonging to our family. Since we had great respect for their commitment and integrity to do justice, the idea of moving from our ancestral independent Bungalow to ‘Bungalows in the Sky’ was, sort of, love at first ‘Site’. And what’s more we get a lifetime of support, friendship and partnership with Mansions by our side, which is much more than what anybody can hope for in the real estate sector.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2020, Mansions Skyluxe, Trivandrum

Mrs. Sreelekshmi R


Mr D. Ratheesh Kumar

General Manager, Al Reyami Interiors, UAE

I was searching for an apartment in Trivandrum city within my budget. I was recommended to Mansions by my cousin who has business interests with the construction field. We searched for different apartments but then settled for Mansions Palm Hills at Peroorkada, as it was at an affordable price. Initially we had plans to go for a 2-bedroom home only, but then we were informed that a 3-bedroom apartment was still available; and when we saw it we liked it and decided to buy it. Moreover, it was also within our budget. Earlier, I had only heard of Mansions as one among the known builders, mostly via word-of-mouth publicity. When we explored the Palm Hills property, what we liked was that it was within the city, but at the same time, not directly facing a busy main road, thus making it a calm and quiet place. Each Block of Palm Hills comprised 5 floors only, which created a somewhat homely feel. I felt as if we were staying in villas in a compound, with space for children to play, and also for residents to relax, in a community atmosphere. The staff at Mansions have been cordial in their dealings. Overall we are quite happy.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2019: Mansions Palm Hills, Peroorkada, Trivandrum

Mr. Jagdish Iyer

Officer- Marketing & Sales, Tata Steel Global Wires, Mumbai

I am a native of Trivandrum, working in Mumbai, but was yearning for owning a home in Trivandrum especially in the Fort area, a place I liked very much. When I got a call from my friend that Mansions was constructing an apartment complex in Sreevaraham, I got in touch with their team. I had my own apprehensions about investing with a builder, I was not familiar with. Subsequently after seeing the place with my family and having discussions with Mansions, I was confident to go for it. Once we got delivery of our apartment we liked that we got a big hall which was very spacious with a combined dining and drawing space with good lighting. And speaking about quality... I work in Tata Steel and we are very concious of quality and never compromise, whether the product quantity is large or small. I felt the same concern for maintaining high quality standards at Mansions. Let me narrate an anecdote : one day, one of their site engineers was directing workers to replace a brand new tile in my neighbour's apartment. Naturally I asked him why they were replacing it as I felt there was nothing wrong with the laying of the tile. He replied that it was slightly misaligned and the user would experience a difference while walking across from one tile to another. I opined that customers wouldn't notice it, if it was a very small difference. But the Mansions engineer insisted on my walking on it to feel the difference. From experiences like this, I felt Mansions always gave attention to quality, to even the minutest of details. I have done property purchases in Mumbai, and I always felt builders there were money minded, but I never felt that about Mansions. They always gave prior notice on payment schedules and provided regular construction updates. I felt that my apartment was completed relatively fast . All my relatives appreciated the quality of my apartment as also our Mansions Sreenidhi complex as a whole, because they felt positive vibes in Sreenidhi. Even minor details in the common areas, be it in the lobby or our multipurpose hall or gym got the fullest attention of Mansions, as if it was a personal apartment. These experiences made me trust Mansions completely; and I left it to their discretion to select the tiles and paints for my apartment as I felt they would always select materials that would be most suitable for my apartment. Later, when I took delivery, I was very much satisfied with their choices.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. James Philip Koshy

Professor(Rtd.) Modern College of Business and Science, Muscat

Mrs. Elizabeth James


We decided to spend our retired life in an apartment; by disposing our existing villa, though there was no immediate urgency then, since I was working in the gulf. We had been to Trivandrum for a vacation, and on the day I was going back, on our way from Kudappanakunnu to Peroorkada, we saw a Mansions Palm Hills hoarding with the title "Enjoy the delights of Lo- Rise Living" . My wife insisted that we check out the property. When we reached the Palm Hills site, we saw the first block was almost over and the construction of the second one was going on. We found the concept of a low rise with just 4 floors very interesting, because we never wanted to stay in a highrise building. We selected a two bedroom apartment and it was within our budget. We were impressed by the quality and the standard of construction of the first block. So immediately after seeing the project, we visited Mansions office and had discussions with the management. We were impressed by the way they welcomed us and treated us, and their down-to-earth behaviour. So from the builder side and building side, we were happy and we decided book an apartment at Palm Hills. We wanted to move in early so I wrote to Mansions, and they finished the work fast. We were able to move in at an early stage itself. We were able to come directly to my apartment, straight from the airport itself. We are very happy with our apartment except for some minor rectifications. I would say we are 99% delighted with our apartment and we hope they fix the small issues soon. The materials used are of very good quality. During the construction phase, since I was in gulf, my brother used to inspect and he told me that they were using materials of high quality. Some other issues I noticed when I came back were rectified once I informed them. Regarding the team of Mansions, I was very impressed by all of their staffs - both from the office and site. The site engineers used to send me details and photographs of my apartments construction progress. I selected the fourth floor as our first choice of apartments had already been sold out. We are very much happy with the fourth floor. Only problem is that it gets hot during the noon time, but Mansions promised to sort out the issue. Overall we are happy with this apartment. We feel it was the will of God that we were able to notice the Palm Hills hoarding, and we could buy a wonderful apartment to our liking at an affordable price

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2019: Mansions Palm Hills, Peroorkada, Trivandrum

Mr. Jeejo M.T

System Analyst, Govt Engineering College, Barton Hill, Trivandrum

This is my second home purchase from Mansions. I had already bought an apartment in Mansions Vinit Enclave at Manacaud. I was impressed with the apartment's location. I was initially looking to build a house but, later on I changed my mind. I had my concerns and fears when I thought of purchasing an apartment as there were news of builders not completing the projects. Anyways I decided to trust Mansions. After my first house was delivered in time, my trust only increased. I understood at that time that the name "Mansions" was enough, as I noticed they never advertised much but all their apartments were getting sold. So when my loan for the first apartment was finished, I thought of investing again and I had no doubt which builder to go to, because of the trust I had in Mansions. My sister also purchased an apartment in Mansions Sreenidhi. I have also recommended Mansions to my cousin and he has also taken a flat. I have also enquired about Mansions upcoming projects. What I have as suggestions is that, I wish more importance is given to Vastu and finishing details of an apartment. There were certain complaints that I had with the tile laying process in my apartment. I would say that the structure was perfectly executed.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2019: Mansions Palm Hills, Peroorkada, Trivandrum

Mr. Raghuraj N.H.

IT Professional, Infosys, Trivandrum

I had earlier stayed in Mansions Shreyas Apartments as a tenant. So from that time itself I had heard about Mansions. I was staying near that area itself, so I wanted a property nearby since location was the main factor for me. The East Fort area was perfect for us, as all the necessary requirements, as also temples were nearby. And also the apartment size and the cost was well within my budget. Construction wise, the building was good. Talking particularly about my apartment, it is highly well ventilated throughout the day and breezy once we open up the windows. So much so, that we never have to put on the fan throughout the day. The outside view is also very good from my apartment. We moved in at an early stage itself. All our interactions with the staff at site and office were good. They were very cordial. I have always had a good relationship with the management team also. I always felt they were very understanding and friendly in all discussions that we had on all matters. I felt their connection with customers is humane and emotional and not just based on a business perspective.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. S. Ramesh

Asst. Accounting Officer, AG's office, Trivandrum

Since I was born and brought up in the Sreevaraham area, I was always on the lookout for a property in and around that area. Mansions was referred by a colleague, another colleague was residing in one of Mansions' projects in Perunthanni. Based on their positive feedbacks and recommendations we became confident and trusted Mansions with our home. Location was our first priority. And Mansions Sreenidhi was very ideally located. And when we contacted Mansions, their approach was very friendly and cordial. While initially we had our own apprehensions of the builder community in general, because of the adverse experience of customers in the media, the moment we had a talk with their team, their credibility cemented our resolve to buy an apartment from Mansions. We also went to the site frequently. At every stage of construction we were informed promptly about the progress, and they listened to whatever we had to say carefully and did the needful. So, I never felt any hardship right from day one to completion. And the quality of the work was absolutely above standards. Amenities provided also were very good. All together, it was a dream of mine to have this kind of an investment. I must appreciate Mansions for the choice of location and completing the project on time. Overall, it was a very good and friendly experience dealing with Mansions.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. Mahadevan. G , CA

Senior Manager, Federal Bank.

I had a pleasant experience with Mansions. I chose Mansions because of their trust and proven reputation in the industry. During our interactions while buying our apartment from Mansions, we found that customer satisfaction, integrity and honesty are their hallmarks. We were impressed with the quality of the work and time bound execution, besides a good location. I had a very good experience dealing with the staff due to their dedicated work culture. For each and every minute work , they did not show any hesitation in executing it. A prompt response from the staff and the management are appreciable traits of Mansions. I would strongly recommend Mansions for new home aspirants searching for their dream homes.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. Ramaswamy C

Manager, SBI

As a first time Mansions homebuyer, I found the design, engineering and finish of my apartment to be of excellent quality. I'm also extremely satisfied with the amenities provided at Mansions Sreenidhi. I had a very cordial interaction with all the staff at Mansions. Even though I stay in Chennai, the communication through email and phone went off very well and we were able to coordinate everything without any hitch. I would definitely recommend Mansions' projects to friends and relatives, and also come back to Mansions for any further home investments .

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. S. Jagannathan

LPSC, ISRO, Trivandrum

Ms. Uma Maheswari

Teacher, Chinmaya Vidyalaya

We were recommended to Mansions by many of our friends whom have associated with Mansions. They spoke highly about Mansions and thier quality of construction. So we had a good idea about their (Mansions) reputation. We have also gone to visit other Mansions projects where our friends are staying and we were really impressed. We were on the lookout for projects in Sreevaraham area and first we came across Mansions Sreevardhan, but by the time we enquired, all the apartments there were already sold out. So we were keen on getting another Mansions project there and we are happy that we got our apartment in Mansions Sreenidhi. Design wise, we would say it would meet the basic needs of a family. And we were happy with the spacious design of the drawing room and kitchen where most of the time is spent. The only addition we wish we had was a separate work area attached to kitchen. Speaking about the staff at Mansions, we have a good relationship with all the staffs whether at office or site. During the construction progress, we would only get time to visit the site, probably once in a week or two. We trusted the builder to complete it in a good way and we are happy with how they have taken care of our apartment. In fact some of those electric layouts, they informed us early so that there were no last minute changes or about any extra fittings. All the dealings were also good and we are very much satisfied.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. Karthik S Moorthy

Project Manager, CISCO, Banglore

Ms. Sathya Markandeswaran

Lead Consultant, Enquero

Our new home at Mansions SreeNidhi really did exceed our expectations. The apartment quality (doors,fittings etc) are of high standards. We were also pleasantly surprised to see the security measures also given proper importance. We had a good experience dealing with their staffs at office and site. They were always available to answer our queries and would address any issues we had. Everything was clearly communicated and there were no last minute surprises. This really helped us in planning things from our end. Overall we are really satisfied and happy that we invested in Mansions SreeNidhi. We believe everything went well.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions SreeNidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. Abhilash

Engineer, VSSC, Trivandrum

Ms. Ranjani

Engineer, VSSC, Trivandrum

We had come to know about Mansions Sreenidhi through a family friend. We were interested immediately, because it was so close to our home and we had seen the other apartments done by Mansions in the Sreevaraham area. Once the construction had started, we visited our flat with an architect friend of ours, who was greatly impressed by the quality of construction, materials and spaciousness of the flat. The interaction with the company staff, both at the office and at the site was smooth and pleasant throughout, from signing the agreement till the final handing over. On discussing with friends who had purchased flats with other builders, we felt that Mansions was a group who focused more on customer satisfaction and quality rather than just profits. In short, we are extremely happy that we chose Mansions and Sreenidhi for our home.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions Sreenidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Ms. M. Lakshmi

Administrative officer, L.I.C of India, Pattom, Trivandrum

I felt the quality, convenience and amenities were all excellent and they all met my expectations for my new home at Mansions SreeNidhi. I certainly desire to contact Mansions in the future also. I had an excellent experience while dealing with their staffs. Felt at home while dealing with Mansions family. There were minimum formalities and hence I had the best experience. I will recommend Mansions to my friends and relatives. I expect Mansions to come up with more reliable projects to cater to the needs of the customers. I also expect continued cooperation and assistance from them.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Mansions SreeNidhi, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr.Binoy Krishnan B

Senior Branch Manager, Syndicate Bank

First and foremost, as a customer, I would say "Trust" was the deciding factor to select a builder for our house.  Probably because, a house is a major investment, if not the biggest investment for most people in their life. So in that perspective, I had a trusted relationship with Mansions. We were able to finish the  entire work within our budget itself. Overall we were delighted with our home as there was maximum utilization of space ; and the work was excellently executed . Here I would like to also mention the warm customer relationship of all the people at Mansions. In particular I got a very good support from their site supervisor who was very understanding and helpful. From start to finish, there was transparency in all Mansions dealings.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Independent Customised Home, Kumarapuram, Trivandrum

Mr. Arvind Venugopal

General Manager, Denolex Acrylic Solid Surface, Sharjah

We are thrilled with our completed home. At the outset I would like to express our sincere gratitude to entire team of Mansions in making our dream "Madhavam" come true. The craftsmanship and quality of construction are exceptional. We attribute this excellent construction to the professionalism and competence of Jayachandran Sir and his team. It was one of my close friends who advised me to meet Jayachadran Sir of Mansions when myself and wife expressed our interest about a new house and undoubtedly we were at the right place and at the right time. After the first meeting with Jayachandran Sir, we never had any second thoughts of approaching other builders. We were explained in detail about the entire plan & elevation, interiors and those long meetings we had with Jayachandran Sir in clearing our clarifications were really appreciative, amidst his busy schedule. He was pro-active in identifying areas of concern and helped develop effective alternatives. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire team. Being a Non Resident Indian, the prompt updates on the work progress mostly on a daily basis by the experienced Supervisors never let us had the feeling of being away not witnessing the developments. We truly appreciate their efforts and professionalism. The final output was beyond our expectations and by the grace of God we are enjoying our pleasant stay at “Madhavam” and Mansions will always be our first point of referral to our friends and relatives for their dream homes.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2018: Independent Customised Home, Gowreesapattom, Trivandrum

Mr. M. Asharaf

Ex- Additional Secretary, Govt. of Kerala

I had an extremely pleasant experience dealing with Mansions. This is the first time I was buying an apartment from Mansions and as a customer I felt that they met all my expectations. What I appreciate most about Mansions is their honest customer relationship. I felt at home interacting with their staff who were well experienced and professional in their dealings. As regards my apartment, I was satisfied with the finish quality when it was handed over. More importantly, they were quick to respond to my concerns and enquiries. For instance, I had an issue regarding a pipe malfunction, but the issue was resolved quickly. Overall, I am satisfied as a customer of Mansions.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2017: Mansions Gayatri Apartments, Peyad, Trivandrum

Mr. N. Ramachandran Nair

Advocate, Trivandrum

I chose Mansions for building my home because of their architectural ability, proven expertise and customer goodwill. Moreover,Mansions had a reputation for time-bound execution of projects within the agreed budget, with an image of having a competent and caring team of people. As for my home, I feel it is more of a self-contained apartment with everything in place. It has adequate moving space with due importance to privacy. Mansions also designed and executed the interiors of our home which was designed well and minimised the use of external furniture. Many visitors to our home had taken snaps of the kitchen and cupboards, especially of the drawing room, as a model for implementation in their houses. Overall, it is an example of optimum utilisation of space and surroundings with excellent craftsmanship. All the interactions and dealings with Mansions were seamless as we had full support from the staff and management.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2015: Independent Customised Home, Devaswom Board Jn, Trivandrum

Mr. Jaison Joseph

Scientist Engineer, VSSC, Trivandrum

I chose Mansions for constructing my independent home because Mansions is a firm which has been in the business for many years, and who will continue to be available in the future. Another reason is that I heard very good feedback from old customers of Mansions. In fact in VSSC, there were many colleagues who had constructed their homes through Mansions, and all had only good things to say about the company. The credentials of the team leading Mansions also gave me more reasons to trust them. It was a nice experience with Mansions during all the phases of house construction (before, during & after). My entire experience can be summarized in two principles: first, the hallmark of the team is their professionalism & honesty which makes things very easy for the customer; and second, they are quite passionate about what they do and are not money-minded.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2014: Independent Customised Home, Manvila, Trivandrum

Mr.Ramesh Gopal

CEO, Sohar Steel Group, Sultanate of Oman

I am an NRI working in Oman. Few years back I had approached the Co-founders of Mansions who were my batch mates at CET. I had just about 12 cents of land in a crowded location in the heart of Trivandrum City, and wanted to know if there was a good way of monetizing this asset in the most optimal manner. The land was main road facing but positioned at substantially lower level compared to road height. To my surprise, Mansions used their ingenuity, expertise and experience to suggest an architectural solution, for which I am grateful to them till this date. While I thought that I would be getting a design which may suggest a two-storey Customised Home, Mansions finally delivered a mini-building complex, which today houses a dental clinic on the cellar effectively utilizing the lower land level and cellar, a bank lease arrangement on the ground floor, my 4-bed apartment on the 1st floor, and two independent apartments on the 2nd floor. Since all the sub-units of my property are leased out, there's a steady stream of rental income, which is bound to escalate due to its strategic locational advantage. For me it is like a guaranteed retirement plan for my family once we return from gulf.
Another most important factor for which I am thankful to the Mansion team is that, the whole project was completed without any hassle or head ache to me. Right from approval stage to handing over the building, every job is done meticulously. In fact we seldom visited the site and even never bothered to make periodical inspections. Every progress was reported to me by their site in charge as if they are working for me. Totally trustworthiness and cost effective construction. I would strongly recommend Mansions to home aspirants situated in similar circumstances for innovative home solutions.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2014: Independent Customised Home, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum

Dr. T. L. James

Consultant Surgeon, KIMS, Kollam

Ms. Anina James


When we speak of Mansions we feel as if it's our own company; that is because of the intimate relationship that we have experienced with the Mansion's staff and management. From our engagement with Mansions, we realized that their work is clean and perfect: what we meant was their close attention to the smallest of details while executing the work. Our family has bought two apartments from Mansions and both were handed over to us as per our expectations. During the construction stage, we wanted to further customise our apartment, and they listened to our needs and demands and completed the apartment exactly the way we desired. We also realized that their dealings are clean and transparent. Our apartment has always been a good investment. Since we are very satisfied, we would certainly recommend Mansions to anyone who is planning to buy an apartment in Trivandrum.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2011: Mansions Pragathi Apartments, Pallimukku, Trivandrum

Mr. P K Pandey

Scientist, VSSC, ISRO, Trivandrum

I bought an apartment from Mansions mainly because I was impressed by the flat's location, the finish quality and their flexibility to satisfy our requirements and concerns. I had a very good experience dealing with their staff, and have no hesitation in saying that the Mansions team is always ready to cooperate with their customers. At times we have seen some delays in attending to minor after-sales jobs which we hope will be monitored more closely.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2010: Mansions Serene Square Apartments, Devasom Board Jn, Trivandrum

Mr. B. Kailash Shankar

Retired General Manager, Bank of Baroda

Ms. Jayalakshmi Shankar


It's been ten years that we bought our apartment from Mansions. We have had a very good experience so far; there has never been much of an issue or problem. Whenever we had any problems we would inform them and we always got a quick response. We bought our apartment when we were approaching retirement. So we wished to move in quickly to have a retired life. Mansions were kind enough to prioritize our need and they finished our apartment quickly before finishing the entire apartment complex. In a way we were the first family to move in to our apartment complex. Their work quality is excellent, because it has been many years since we bought our apartment and it still is in good condition. We always had a good relationship with their staff and management. As a Mansions customer we are completely satisfied.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2008: Pragathi, Pallimukku, Trivandrum

Mr. P. V Narayanan Kutty

Businessman, Trivandrum

I have bought two apartments from Mansions from two different projects. What impressed me was the timely delivery of both projects. During the buying process of my first property from Mansions, I liked their commitment and their attitude towards the customer. They maintained a good relationship with me and were always responsive when I made any enquires on any apartment-related issues. So when I thought of buying another apartment as an investment, without any doubt I selected Mansions. To me they have proved they are trustworthy and efficient. A couple of suggestions for Mansions: they can facilitate the bank loan process, as I had faced some issues; likewise, it will be great if Mansions can provide a rental service for their customers who wish to rent their apartments to reliable tenants.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2007: Mansions Shreyas Apartments, Perumthanni, Trivandrum

Mr. C. Jasper Lal

Ex-Group Head, Propulsion Group, VSSC, Trivandrum

Ms. Rachel Selvakumari D

Ex-Engineer, Structures Entity, VSSC

For a long time we wanted to build a new house so we approached many builders and even got some quotations from some of them, but we weren't confident enough to proceed. We believed that, between a builder and a house owner, the most important thing is Trust and we couldn't find that with the other builders that we approached till then. We believe without basic trust the owner would never have peace of mind; and they will always be tensed and worried, when the construction is in progress. When I met Mansions and I shared my views and conditions for my house, we got a trustworthy response; and we were confident enough to entrust them the work of building our customised home. Subsequently, while the work was going on, I was satisfied with the quality of their construction and workmanship. We found that Mansions was always very flexible. We got to customise our house the way we wanted. We would also say that they were very time-bound as they completed the work in nine months. Another thing that was so important to us was that, Mansions were able to reuse all the wood-work from our old house in the new one, and thus saved a lot of expenses. The staff has always been very courteous, and we always had a good relationship with them. I will always recommend Mansions to anyone who is looking to build their dream home.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2007: Independent Customised Home, Statue, Trivandrum

Mr. Vipin Mohan

Director of Photography, Trivandrum

Mansions is the friendliest builder in Trivandrum city as far as I am concerned. Mansions have accepted and implemented all the changes that I wanted for my apartment. I have experience of staying in many flats. When I was thinking about taking a new apartment, I had approached different builders but none of them were as welcoming and friendly as Mansions. What made me select Mansions was their acceptance of my request to customise my apartment the way I wanted. A big plus was the location of my apartment. Though the apartment complex had proximity to many landmarks, it was a quiet residential area. I was also impressed by their flexible payment structure. Moreover the design, finish and quality was very good. I have not experienced any major breakdowns till now. But whenever any maintenance-related issue cropped up, I got a quick response. Their staff has always been very friendly to me and I have always had a good relationship with them. I am delighted with the Mansions experience.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2006: Mansions Sanskriti Apartments, Pandits Colony, Trivandrum

Mr. A. Ramamoorthy

Ex- Senior Manager, SBI

I had an excellent experience with Mansions. From their building design to execution, to after-sales service I felt it was very nice. I was impressed by the location which I felt was convenient to travel to important places like railway station, airport, etc. I had heard positive reports about Mansions even before I had approached them. I still have a very good relationship with their staff and management. I always got appreciation from my guests about the locational advantage. I know of many people who are still ready to buy our apartment if we were to sell it one day. I have always enjoyed my stay here. Some glitches which arose after many years of stay which could be looked at are: closet water blockage; the wood work; tile pointing required in kitchen; and the elevation as there is a constant need of cleaning the front since inception because of the trouble caused by pigeons.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2006: Sree Valsom Apartments, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr. S. Shankara Narayanan

Ex-Senior Manager, Bank of India

I am very much satisfied with Mansions and all thanks to the management team for helping me a lot with my apartment. I took an apartment from Mansions because of its proximity to nearby temples which we were searching for and the availability of facilities in and around that area. I was satisfied with the work and I did make a few changes to my apartment also. The finish quality is also good. I have requested for some post-sales service a few times and they have responded promptly. I have a very cordial relationship with everyone at Mansions.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch 2006: Sree Valsom Apartments, Sreevaraham, Trivandrum

Mr.Rajesh R

Senior Manager, Bank of India

I opted for Mansions as they are a prominent name in Trivandrum and known for stringent quality control, timely delivery and a friendly customer service. Mansions was the obvious choice when I made a decision to invest in a property. I'm very satisfied with my choice like the other happy home house owners. I have had a pleasant experience staying there, as the apartment is very well designed with optimum use of space. Every space is purpose-oriented and all our household items fit very well into their allotted corners. Mansions have adopted a contemporary design with an optimal blend of modern architecture and traditional elements. In my interactions with the Mansion's team, I found them thoroughly professional with their friendly staff having in-depth knowledge. This coupled with a quality product is a perfect package for a homebuyer. I can confidently say that I will be a loyal repeat customer of Mansions and would be recommending them to my friends and relatives.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2005: Mansions Sharada Madhavam Apartments, Golf Links, Trivandrum

Ms. Laila David, Head

Construction Maintenance Div. (Civil) CMG, VSSC, Trivandrum

I have been associated with Mansions quite closely as two of the properties I own were done by them. First, I bought an apartment from Mansions as an investment due to its good location. I was pretty confident about Mansions and I had faith in them that they would finish the work properly and would hand it over in time. Subsequently, Mansions also constructed a Customised Home for me. I must say they are very responsive to customer demands. Even when I wanted some renovations to be done they were prompt in their work execution and showed a professional approach. I am very satisfied as they were able to deliver my projects on the promised time schedule.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2004: Mansions Palm Grove Apartments, Nanthancode and Independent Customised Home, Nanthancode, Trivandrum

Mr. S. Adikesavan

Chief General Manager SBI

Mansions built my independent customised home way back in 2001 and I must say it has stood the test of time. The quality of construction is superb. There haven't been any cracks or leaks or any issues so far. Mansions have always listened and understood our requirements, and they have executed the work to the maximum extent possible without compromising on the engineering principles, as well as successfully customising it to meet client expectations. They were really transparent regarding the costs and gave us an idea of the total investment, and the expenses that would arise during different stages of construction. Whenever I had any minor issues, Mansions would send people to take care of it immediately. As for the delivery time, it was completed as per the committed schedule.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2001: Independent Customised Home, Karamana, Trivandrum

Mr. M. Sunil Kumar

Rig Maintenance Superintendent, KCA Deutag Ltd, Nigeria.

I bought my first apartment from Mansions in 2011 but I knew about Mansions much before, because the independent house that I was living in earlier was designed and built by them way back 2001. I have had a very pleasant experience with them from then and had a good relationship with the staff. When I thought of moving into an apartment, I did not have much trouble selecting a trustworthy builder because I knew Mansions quite well. Later I recommended Mansions to my sister, who also bought an apartment in the same complex as mine. We both were satisfied with the work and the timely delivery of our apartments. Presently my sister thought of buying another apartment as an investment. This time also we have booked an apartment from Mansions. One of the reasons we are coming back to Mansions again for the fourth house is that they always offer their projects at reasonable prices. Moreover their work execution is good. I always had a good and warm relationship with their staff as well. In view of buying multiple properties from Mansions, I would like to make some comments: they should work on a better elevation; there is an issue of laying the tiles at the expansion joint, but when the tiles crack at that portion, there is water leakage too; and any service in the common area should be approached through the Association.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2001: Puja Residency, Kannamoola, Trivandrum, and Independent Customised Home, Trivandrum

Mr. Madhavakumar VR

Ex-General Manager, Federal Bank

I chose Mansions over other builders after seeing their company traits such as promptness of delivery, reasonable payment facility and integrity of their co-founders. I chose this particular apartment because of its locational advantage. I'm satisfied and impressed by their optimum use of available space, the excellent finish quality of our apartment and also with their initial years of after-sales service. Their staff has always been very responsive to our needs. The top management of Mansions was deeply involved in the progress of work of the apartment.

Mansions Wonderful Family Batch of 2000: Mansions Rainbow Apartments, Pallimukku, Trivandrum

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