A Guide to Sustainable Homes Constructed by Builders in Kochi

Environmentally sustainable buildings are not a unique concept in the urban areas of India. They have already been around for a decade now, maybe even more in some areas with architects and builders gaining awareness. So to begin with, what is an environmentally sustainable building? It’s a complex that has been built in the most environment-friendly manner, minimizing the adverse effects on nature, improving the structure’s functions and longevity. Materials that are ideally used in such projects need to be non-toxic, locally sourced, renewable and reusable. The motive is to build a house that is structurally sound but save your money and the environment for your young ones. Builders in Kochi have also picked up on this inclination and slowly such projects are coming up in the city. Here are some pointers used in many new apartment projects in Kochi.

⦁ Eco-friendly solutions for power: The first thing that jumps to mind when we talk of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly power solutions is solar power. While it is a great way to cut down on electricity bills you get to have free supply for the rest of your life as well! It also increases the property value of your place in the future. Solar panels are a preferred option both in commercial establishments and ongoing apartment projects in Kochi. Using LED bulbs or fluorescent lamps are also some affordable solutions to having a pollutant-free home. Interior designers of some of the popular luxury flats for sale in Kochi also suggest installing chandeliers in large halls not only because of the aesthetic value it adds to the space but also because it is economical.

⦁ Use of Natural light: It’s no rocket science to understand that houses without large windows have to use power to get light during the day as well. This not only increases the electricity bill but also brings down the positive aura of the place. Some of the top builders in Kochi build south-facing windows to utilize the natural light. Moreover, eco-friendly windows are slowly gaining popularity too.

⦁ No toxicity: Usage of plastic in day-to-day life is not only discouraged nowadays but it is being banned altogether in many progressive societies. Since the notion is to erect a building that is environmentally sustainable, plastics and chromed metal cannot be used in these cutting-edge new apartments in Kochi. Chromed metal is a pollutant and with urban dwellers, chanting the mantra of healthy living, most clients do not want to have that toxicity in their homes.

⦁ Minimise the pollutants: It is not feasible to stop using pollutants completely, but it can be contained. Even the paints that are commonly used have volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are chemicals that are released in the air while painting. Most leave the walls once the paint dries, but some stick around for a long time. Many premium apartments in Kochi nowadays use water-based paints that leave no pollutants.
⦁ Minimalist Decor Techniques: Gone are the days when people wanted grandeur and opulence in decor. Minimalist designs are in vogue and plants are just the thing that adds freshness and character to the interiors. Plants like peace lily, bamboo, snake plant and many others improve the air quality by removing toxicity. No modern house is complete without them.

With builders and buyers showing interest in environmentally sustainable homes, the city will undoubtedly become a beacon for such cost-effective housing projects soon. So, if you are planning to be a part of sustainable construction, let the experts at Mansions help you bring your dream project to reality.

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How Flats in Kochi are a Real Estate Goldmine for GEN Y

For the older generations, land played a major role in their wedding dowries and when it came to earning a livelihood through farming. The next generations bought property as an investment, mostly to finance their kids’ education and after that, their wedding. Finally, presenting the millennials. While so far the craze was mostly to look at stocks, shares and options for a quick buck, the pandemic has made them realise the biggest and the most positive investment they can make is in real estate. Why? Simply because, the idea of work-from-home is becoming the new norm and for millennials, an investment in the form of a 2 BHK flat or a 3 BHK flat seems ideal. There are flats for sale in Kochi at affordable prices, though luxury apartments in Kochi may cost more.

These investments are mostly happening in tier-2 cities like Kochi or tier-3 cities because metros are already overcrowded. Any green space is largely absent and pollution at its worst. This shift from metros to smaller cities by Generation Y is mainly due to a shift in commercial establishments. Kochi, once a small town, is now slowly upping its ante, rebranding itself as a tech hub.

The Deloitte Millennial Survey in 2019 stated that 49 per cent of Generation Y wants to own a home immediately. Real estate investments on medium-sized homes have seen a rise in the city – most of them by millennials who want to stop spending on rent. With the WFH culture gathering momentum, they have the added opportunity to be in their respective hometowns too. Some of them are looking up the best builders in Kochi like Mansions which has sent an excellent track record for themselves. Millennials are even buying 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats and giving them out on rent under the care of their parents. There are plenty of flats for sale in Kochi.

New-age buyers are taking a lot of time in deciding on the right kind of property to purchase. While there are plenty of luxury apartments in Ernakulam, millennials are looking especially for ones that are not only personally comfortable for them, but also cover conditions such as easy access to daily amenities, essential recreational hubs and most importantly, fit in and around their budgets. So what are the deciding factors on a millennial’s mind before buying their dream home?

a) ECO-FRIENDLY INVESTORS: Gen Y are more environment-conscious. They believe in sustainable development, look for residential homes designed to save water and energy, and want residences that are built with eco-friendly material. Rainwater harvesting is one such idea that they look out for.
b) TRENDING LIFESTYLE: Covid-19 has blurred the lines between personal and professional life. Gen Y, while working-from-home, also needs to relax at home. Since access beyond the premises is restricted in most apartments, they are looking to buy places that provide recreational activities and relaxing hubs. An apartment that has a badminton court, yoga ground, swimming pool or even a footpath cushioned by a lawn is perfect for the millennial buyer. The Lo’Rise Mansions Pristina 3BHK luxury apartments for sale in Kochi is an ideal option.

c) HIGH-LEVEL COMFORT: A millennial buyer is one who wants everything at a stone’s throw, be it a grocery store or a hospital. They believe that limiting their mode of transport to walking or cycling helps in toning down their carbon footprint. Premium flats in Kochi are at close proximity to places that offer essential services.

d) HOME-CUM-WORKPLACE: With WFH becoming the norm, the new-age buyer is looking for a home that has extra space to convert into a ‘home office’. They want that extra flexibility to get into the mindset of work instead of just working out of their bedrooms.

e) BUDGET-FRIENDLY HOMES: More than individual houses that cost a bomb, millennial buyers want to buy an apartment that meets all of their criteria and comes within their budget. Many such 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Kochi and its suburbs cater to the needs of Generation Y.

As it sinks in that the pandemic has changed life as we know it, and it won’t be long until another might happen, they want to be prepared for it. The best way they deem fit is to invest in real estate properties, by builders like Mansions with a 30 year legacy, that they can call their own and be well-protected not only now but also for their future. After all, real estate investments are for the long term and they appreciate well.

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Is Investing in a Villa in Trivandrum Beneficial?

Trivandrum is probably one of the perfect cities to settle down with a family in Kerala. Being the capital of Kerala, the city provides a number of positive factors that amplifies the quality of life. It has better roads, good connectivity to all important places, traffic is disciplined, has good educational institutions and exceptional medical services, to name a few. But finding the perfect city to live in is only a part of the solution. These are just a few additional perks. The real question is what will be the perfect house that can withstand the trials of time for years to come. This is one of the reasons why everybody dreams of owning independent modern villas someday, with a lawn, a backyard and even a small garden. But how beneficial is it to invest in a villa? Truth be told; luxury villas, even though everybody wants one, are not the most practical housing choices. Since villas cost an arm and a leg, it’s not something everyone can acquire for the mere sake of investment. But the cons end here. With our expertise of many years as builders, Mansions has also designed and constructed hundreds of independent bungalows and villas for individual clients, each customised to delight the families staying in them. We are going to tell you about its many benefits.

1. If you have the money to invest in a villa, then you should definitely go for it as the returns will be phenomenal even after years. Since it is a unique type of residence as compared to a normal individual house, the resale value rises much faster. Moreover, Trivandrum, being the heart of Kerala, will always see an increase in land value. This will only make the value of your plot and villa rise manifold over the years.

2. Owning one of the top villas in the city is a status symbol nowadays. It not only represents luxury and sophistication but also shows that you have made your name in the community by climbing the social hierarchy.

3. Buying a plot and building a house doesn’t necessarily have to be somewhere in the outskirts with no other house in sight. Villa community projects are on the rise in Kerala and with an overabundance in amenities such as clubhouses, 24×7 security, landscaped gardens, playground for children and other services, life becomes more pleasant. In fact, some of the best villas in Trivandrum are a part of such projects.

4. The privacy that comes as a bonus point with villas is unparalleled. There are no shared walls like apartments where you always end up disturbing your next door neighbours or vice-versa. You can enjoy your morning cuppa in complete silence or exercise in your lawn without the inconvenience of prying eyes. Pet lovers can keep as many pets without having to worry about constant scuffles with management authorities.

5. You get an ample amount of land and interior space to do whatever catches your fancy. It can be gardening or maintaining a nice organic patch of vegetable farm. You can build a treehouse for the kids or build a makeshift tennis court. Your niche can be redecorated to whatever suits your personality. There is no lengthy paperwork to be filed for permission from the society or apartment management for every small change that you want – the sky is the limit.

In a way, villa homes were meant only for the extremely rich in the past, and could seldom be afforded by a middle class family. But with the progress in the economy over the last few decades, prices of villas are not exorbitant. Demands of luxury housing are on a constant rise and if you are looking for long-term investment in property, villas are the way to go.

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7 Best Interior Design Trends Post Covid-19

The ongoing pandemic, Covid-19, has brought about many changes in our lives. We started working from home, and children started attending school from home. It became a place where a majority of time is being spent. In this scenario, the ambiance inside the house has to be more pleasant and comfortable so that there would be optimum productivity and less fatigue. There comes the necessity to design or redesign the interiors of your home for healthy living. Mansions has an interior designing wing, namely Mansions Wonderette. Irrespective of where you are, our team is focused on customer satisfaction on an affordable budget.

Here are the 7 best trends that Covid-19 brought in interior designing:

1. Functional interior design:
People opt for those interior designs which are focused on functionality rather than beauty. A functional interior means you get space for functional areas like studying, ironing, etc., with enough storage space irrespective of whether it is a 2 bedroom apartment, 3 bedroom apartments or even a luxury apartment. You can walk into your apartment without things coming in your way. Interior design and functionality go hand-in-hand. Designers develop functional interior design after understanding a person’s actions and daily routines so that they can be performed comfortably. Considering the current scenario, there should be provision for hanging masks and placing a sanitizer near the entrance.

2. Home Office:
a) The foremost point in creating a functional office space is to get ergonomic furniture as needed. That will reduce your pains like backache while sitting for long hours at work
b) Make sure that you have enough storage facility
c) Good lighting lifts your energy levels. The office space must be well lit apart from ample natural light.

3. Indoor Plants:
Indoor plants purify the air and boost our energy levels by reducing stress. They bring positive energy to the room and that is vital for physical and mental well-being. Greenery at home helps in relaxation, refreshment and tranquility. It positively affects one’s thinking and health. So, add plenty of plant pots near the windows and on balconies.

4. Optimum Utilization of Space:
Incase of apartments, there should be proper utilization of space and should have must-have zones. You may use each room for multiple functions. In such cases, multifunction furniture is better for saving space. You can opt for multi-purpose furniture like sofa cum bed, wardrobes with extended tables, etc. You also require three-four sockets near your tables, to use laptops and other devices, or to charge your phones.

5. Storage spaces:
Lockdown has changed the mindset about cooking food. People started preferring more home-cooked foods than restaurant food. Thus, kitchen design must have additional storage spaces for getting organized.

6. Outdoor space:
Maximum utilization of outdoor space has become vital. You spend most of the time inside your home. So it’s important to get sunlight and fresh air for which balconies and open terraces have become imperative.

7. Space for Indoor Workout:
Most of us find it difficult to stay fit by doing workouts at home. A home gym or a room for yoga can be a motivating factor for your routine workouts.

There is a shift in interior design trends because of Covid-19, as people are giving more preference for functional interior designs; and in optimum utilization of space rather than just a beautiful interior. Our team develops innovative interior designs to accommodate all your requirements at home. Mansions has a rich legacy of 30 years of trust and expertise. If you are looking for 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, or luxury apartments, or houses in Trivandrum, with or without interior designing done, contact Mansions at the earliest.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Apartments in Kochi the Tourist Hub

The experts at Mansions, with three decades of experience, say that one of the primary reasons that attract businesses or why people are willing to invest in properties is tourism. During the pandemic, the tourism industry had received a severe blow but on a happier note, DTPC or the District Tourism Promotion Council has recently revealed that within a few months, they expect the flow of tourists to increase in Kochi. The tourism sector has been busy exploring new projects and has reopened plenty of attractions for the increasing number of visitors. But where does that put you as an investor? Here are five reasons why apartments in Kochi are currently sought after as prime real estate commodities and the way is only forward from here:

1. Great Social Infrastructure:
Dubbed ‘Smart City’, Kochi has everything from basic infrastructure to international airlines’ connectivity, commercial growth as a port-city and a pre-Covid booming tourism sector which is now picking up the pieces again. The Metro Railways has changed the real estate scenario in the city as well. Properties in the proximity of the metro stations have seen an enormous hike in demand and simultaneously an increase in returns also. The surge in value will only increase from here on as an average Indian staying away from home always seeks out flats in Kochi, or anywhere they move, with better connectivity to public transportation.

2. Excellent Long-term Investment:
According to news reports, DTPC and Santos King Tours and Travels have teamed up to open a kayaking facility at Aluva Manappuram, including eco-friendly cottages. Plans are also afoot to develop lesser known places like Parunthuranji Manappuram and others around the area. Moreover, the water sports facility at the beach in Munambam has been reopened and is a hit among domestic tourists! It’s only a matter of time till people from other parts of India start trickling in as well to experience the fun of water sports from Kochi. A rise in tourists means demand for living spaces like homestays etc. If you are planning to invest, now is the ideal time. You can reap high returns for a long time.

3. Kochi offers prime locations in real estate:
Builders in Kochi will vouch for places like Kakkanad, Aluva, Edappally and areas around Infopark as some of the best locations to invest in the city. After the establishment of Infopark, within the last 15 years, Kochi has seen a dramatic rise in real estate development. Now that people have slowly started to come back post-Covid, the demand for flats in Kochi will increase. You can choose to invest in property near the IT hub or consider the flats for sale in Aluva for a tranquil atmosphere away from the city; you just cannot go wrong with it.

4. Kochi is the place to be for holidays:
As winter sets in and the tourism season begins in earnest, Kochi will become a beacon for people from North India and a fair share of foreign tourists as well. Investing in property now and turning it into a rented place for such customers will give you some early returns letting you pay back loans faster.

5. Perfect choice for a second home:
With the suburbs growing steadily, Kochi has a lot to offer in terms of real estate. Be it the allure of religious places in Edappally or the self-sufficient localities of Kakkanad, the city has something to offer to everyone. If a second home to stay over during the holidays and plans for small gateways to nearby areas are too good to be true, Kochi offers you the chance to make it a reality.

If investing in property has been on your mind, then let Mansions Properties guide you to the house of your dreams.

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