Is Investing in a Villa in Trivandrum Beneficial?

Trivandrum is probably one of the perfect cities to settle down with a family in Kerala. Being the capital of Kerala, the city provides a number of positive factors that amplifies the quality of life. It has better roads, good connectivity to all important places, traffic is disciplined, has good educational institutions and exceptional medical services, to name a few. But finding the perfect city to live in is only a part of the solution. These are just a few additional perks. The real question is what will be the perfect house that can withstand the trials of time for years to come. This is one of the reasons why everybody dreams of owning independent modern villas someday, with a lawn, a backyard and even a small garden. But how beneficial is it to invest in a villa? Truth be told; luxury villas, even though everybody wants one, are not the most practical housing choices. Since villas cost an arm and a leg, it’s not something everyone can acquire for the mere sake of investment. But the cons end here. With our expertise of many years as builders, Mansions has also designed and constructed hundreds of independent bungalows and villas for individual clients, each customised to delight the families staying in them. We are going to tell you about its many benefits.

1. If you have the money to invest in a villa, then you should definitely go for it as the returns will be phenomenal even after years. Since it is a unique type of residence as compared to a normal individual house, the resale value rises much faster. Moreover, Trivandrum, being the heart of Kerala, will always see an increase in land value. This will only make the value of your plot and villa rise manifold over the years.

2. Owning one of the top villas in the city is a status symbol nowadays. It not only represents luxury and sophistication but also shows that you have made your name in the community by climbing the social hierarchy.

3. Buying a plot and building a house doesn’t necessarily have to be somewhere in the outskirts with no other house in sight. Villa community projects are on the rise in Kerala and with an overabundance in amenities such as clubhouses, 24×7 security, landscaped gardens, playground for children and other services, life becomes more pleasant. In fact, some of the best villas in Trivandrum are a part of such projects.

4. The privacy that comes as a bonus point with villas is unparalleled. There are no shared walls like apartments where you always end up disturbing your next door neighbours or vice-versa. You can enjoy your morning cuppa in complete silence or exercise in your lawn without the inconvenience of prying eyes. Pet lovers can keep as many pets without having to worry about constant scuffles with management authorities.

5. You get an ample amount of land and interior space to do whatever catches your fancy. It can be gardening or maintaining a nice organic patch of vegetable farm. You can build a treehouse for the kids or build a makeshift tennis court. Your niche can be redecorated to whatever suits your personality. There is no lengthy paperwork to be filed for permission from the society or apartment management for every small change that you want – the sky is the limit.

In a way, villa homes were meant only for the extremely rich in the past, and could seldom be afforded by a middle class family. But with the progress in the economy over the last few decades, prices of villas are not exorbitant. Demands of luxury housing are on a constant rise and if you are looking for long-term investment in property, villas are the way to go.

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