A Guide to Sustainable Homes Constructed by Builders in Kochi

Environmentally sustainable buildings are not a unique concept in the urban areas of India. They have already been around for a decade now, maybe even more in some areas with architects and builders gaining awareness. So to begin with, what is an environmentally sustainable building? It’s a complex that has been built in the most environment-friendly manner, minimizing the adverse effects on nature, improving the structure’s functions and longevity. Materials that are ideally used in such projects need to be non-toxic, locally sourced, renewable and reusable. The motive is to build a house that is structurally sound but save your money and the environment for your young ones. Builders in Kochi have also picked up on this inclination and slowly such projects are coming up in the city. Here are some pointers used in many new apartment projects in Kochi.

⦁ Eco-friendly solutions for power: The first thing that jumps to mind when we talk of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly power solutions is solar power. While it is a great way to cut down on electricity bills you get to have free supply for the rest of your life as well! It also increases the property value of your place in the future. Solar panels are a preferred option both in commercial establishments and ongoing apartment projects in Kochi. Using LED bulbs or fluorescent lamps are also some affordable solutions to having a pollutant-free home. Interior designers of some of the popular luxury flats for sale in Kochi also suggest installing chandeliers in large halls not only because of the aesthetic value it adds to the space but also because it is economical.

⦁ Use of Natural light: It’s no rocket science to understand that houses without large windows have to use power to get light during the day as well. This not only increases the electricity bill but also brings down the positive aura of the place. Some of the top builders in Kochi build south-facing windows to utilize the natural light. Moreover, eco-friendly windows are slowly gaining popularity too.

⦁ No toxicity: Usage of plastic in day-to-day life is not only discouraged nowadays but it is being banned altogether in many progressive societies. Since the notion is to erect a building that is environmentally sustainable, plastics and chromed metal cannot be used in these cutting-edge new apartments in Kochi. Chromed metal is a pollutant and with urban dwellers, chanting the mantra of healthy living, most clients do not want to have that toxicity in their homes.

⦁ Minimise the pollutants: It is not feasible to stop using pollutants completely, but it can be contained. Even the paints that are commonly used have volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are chemicals that are released in the air while painting. Most leave the walls once the paint dries, but some stick around for a long time. Many premium apartments in Kochi nowadays use water-based paints that leave no pollutants.
⦁ Minimalist Decor Techniques: Gone are the days when people wanted grandeur and opulence in decor. Minimalist designs are in vogue and plants are just the thing that adds freshness and character to the interiors. Plants like peace lily, bamboo, snake plant and many others improve the air quality by removing toxicity. No modern house is complete without them.

With builders and buyers showing interest in environmentally sustainable homes, the city will undoubtedly become a beacon for such cost-effective housing projects soon. So, if you are planning to be a part of sustainable construction, let the experts at Mansions help you bring your dream project to reality.

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