7 Best Interior Design Trends Post Covid-19

The ongoing pandemic, Covid-19, has brought about many changes in our lives. We started working from home, and children started attending school from home. It became a place where a majority of time is being spent. In this scenario, the ambiance inside the house has to be more pleasant and comfortable so that there would be optimum productivity and less fatigue. There comes the necessity to design or redesign the interiors of your home for healthy living. Mansions has an interior designing wing, namely Mansions Wonderette. Irrespective of where you are, our team is focused on customer satisfaction on an affordable budget.

Here are the 7 best trends that Covid-19 brought in interior designing:

1. Functional interior design:
People opt for those interior designs which are focused on functionality rather than beauty. A functional interior means you get space for functional areas like studying, ironing, etc., with enough storage space irrespective of whether it is a 2 bedroom apartment, 3 bedroom apartments or even a luxury apartment. You can walk into your apartment without things coming in your way. Interior design and functionality go hand-in-hand. Designers develop functional interior design after understanding a person’s actions and daily routines so that they can be performed comfortably. Considering the current scenario, there should be provision for hanging masks and placing a sanitizer near the entrance.

2. Home Office:
a) The foremost point in creating a functional office space is to get ergonomic furniture as needed. That will reduce your pains like backache while sitting for long hours at work
b) Make sure that you have enough storage facility
c) Good lighting lifts your energy levels. The office space must be well lit apart from ample natural light.

3. Indoor Plants:
Indoor plants purify the air and boost our energy levels by reducing stress. They bring positive energy to the room and that is vital for physical and mental well-being. Greenery at home helps in relaxation, refreshment and tranquility. It positively affects one’s thinking and health. So, add plenty of plant pots near the windows and on balconies.

4. Optimum Utilization of Space:
Incase of apartments, there should be proper utilization of space and should have must-have zones. You may use each room for multiple functions. In such cases, multifunction furniture is better for saving space. You can opt for multi-purpose furniture like sofa cum bed, wardrobes with extended tables, etc. You also require three-four sockets near your tables, to use laptops and other devices, or to charge your phones.

5. Storage spaces:
Lockdown has changed the mindset about cooking food. People started preferring more home-cooked foods than restaurant food. Thus, kitchen design must have additional storage spaces for getting organized.

6. Outdoor space:
Maximum utilization of outdoor space has become vital. You spend most of the time inside your home. So it’s important to get sunlight and fresh air for which balconies and open terraces have become imperative.

7. Space for Indoor Workout:
Most of us find it difficult to stay fit by doing workouts at home. A home gym or a room for yoga can be a motivating factor for your routine workouts.

There is a shift in interior design trends because of Covid-19, as people are giving more preference for functional interior designs; and in optimum utilization of space rather than just a beautiful interior. Our team develops innovative interior designs to accommodate all your requirements at home. Mansions has a rich legacy of 30 years of trust and expertise. If you are looking for 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, or luxury apartments, or houses in Trivandrum, with or without interior designing done, contact Mansions at the earliest.

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