Check-list for moving into a House on Rent

A new house is a new chapter in life. Be it shifting to another city, renting to cut short commuting time, to set up a solo nest or join a partner, a house on rent cannot happen minus the homework from your end. Mansions is making the task easier with a checklist for you on things to keep in mind when looking for a house on rent:

1. What is your budget?

The answer to this question can make or break your life. Find out about rent, maintenance, security deposit, and how often they have to be paid. Once you see a house you like and decide to stretch yourself too thin it may lead to scrimping elsewhere which could have bigger implications. So unless you are absolutely sure of where the money is going to come from, don’t give in. Have faith and keep looking.

2. Make a mental list of your priorities

This is the most important part of the search. It helps save time and energy spent seeing house after house which needn’t result in anything productive. What is your lifestyle like? Do you like to walk to a mom-and-pop to buy milk every morning or do you buy it on the way back? Does your landlord have a problem with pets or are they allowed? Do you want your workplace, gym or children’s school close by? Do you like your rooms flooded with natural light and air? Do you want balconies to sit in or hang your laundry in? Can you prioritise if you like a house that much?

3. Assess the neighbourhood

In an increasingly cloistered world, the least we can do is know who our neighbours are. Ask around, knock on a few doors and find out who they are. Also drive around the area to know. Make a visit at night too. It also doesn’t hurt to ask what the rent is for houses in the neighbourhood.

4. Check the water pressure

Run the tap and check the pressure using your hand. If the pressure is too low, it is a valid point to raise with the landlord before you move in. You might also want a geyser installed if it isn’t in place already.

5. WiFi & cell phone reception

Check if WiFi is available or a router will need to be installed. Phone reception is an absolute must in the times we live in. Do remember to check this very important point.

6. Plug in

As you walk around the house, switch on all the lights and fans to ensure they work. Also plug in an electrical equipment that you brought along to see if all of them are in working condition.

7. Photograph damages around the house, if any

Inspect every nook and corner of the house. This is so that you are sure of what you are getting. Take photographs of every scratch, hole, stain, broken material if any so that the renter does not hold you responsible when it is time to refund your caution deposit.

8. Enquire about amenities and association rules

Most houses on rent have many tempting amenities listed but not all need be functional. So ask and make sure what you can or cannot accommodate. The same applies to the rules that an association committee may have in place.

9. Pest check

Take your time to check the insides and tops of kitchen cabinets for faeces of rodents or pests. Walls with gaps in the corners are also a probability and you would want to have those closed before moving in.

10. What’s the vibe?

Most often, you can sense if a house is right for you the minute you step in. While a checklist of priorities is important, so is your gut feeling. How does this space make your body feel? Listen closely.

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